Die cutting 

With a long history and extensive experience in the field of transformation and die cutting, MIARCO is a technological partner that can offer innovative solutions, serving the needs of a continually changing market.

MIARCO offers custom solutions for the transformation and die cutting of adhesive tapes, solutions adapted to each customer's special requirements. We actively participate by providing technical support throughout all stages of strategic projects - in the study as well as the conceptual design of the pieces - in order to optimise the customer's productive process.

This department is equipped with highly flexible production capacity that can handle any design - whether with planar or rotary technology.

Our quality standards meet all the requirements of the most demanding markets, allowing us to serve OEM groups and their primary tiers within the automotive sector.


Thanks to our wide range of products, we can offer customised solutions in line with the specifications and requirements of each customer's processes:

      • DIE CUTTING OF ADHESIVE FOAM TAPES for fastening emblems, logos, trim and other plastic pieces.
      • DIE CUTTING OF ADHESIVE TAPES for mounting interior and exterior automobile parts.
      • Adhesive coating and die cutting of anti-vibration/anti-noise TECHNICAL FOAM AND FELTS.
      • Die cutting of PROTECTIVE FILMS for temporary applications.
      • HIGH PRECISION DIE CUTTING for tape applications in automated processes.
      • Lamination and transformation of OTHER SUBSTRATES with adhesive tape.

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