Our brand Policy 

The main objective of our brand policy is leadership consolidation through our own brand creation, development and consolidation. With that said, for some markets and special products, we rely on the support of some highly regarded suppliers in our industry.

Our brands

MIARCO: the products with Miarco brand are aimed to the industry and the professional markets.

RANGER:Our Brand for the DIY is aimed at general users. An attractive, self selling packaging. A high quality product with the MIARCO guarantee.

MACREPAIR: Our Brand for bodywork repairs and repainting. With the same values as MIARCO, Macrepair meets the needs of a sector with strict quality controls.

Agreements with manufactures first level – Partners: NITTO, IMPA, H.B. FULLER and BiesSse.

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Miarco, Ranger, MacRepair, ISO 9001