How to install weatherstrips for garages and commercial doors

For side opening garage doors we can use the rigid under door draught excluder, which comes in two separate pieces to make it easier to transport and install. Made from highly resistant aluminium and rubber, it includes holes and screws for easy installation. Suitable for doors up to 3 metres long it should be fitted to reach the floor so as to prevent dirt, leaves, insects and draughts from getting in. It can cover gaps of up to 5.5 cm in a simple and secure way. In order to achieve total insulation in this type of door, we can also use the foam garage door draught excluder, which is very easy to fit as long as the surface is clean and dry. When its protective film is removed it can be fixed to the sides and the top of door frames to prevent draughts, as well as possible movements in the doors caused by air gaps. It will also prevent the door from slamming when being closed.