Miarco S.L., as a company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of adhesive tapes and other consumer products for wholesale distribution channels and industry, is aware of its commitment to its customers and that its activity may cause damage to the environment and its surroundings and to the health and safety of its workers and other interested parties.

Miarco S.L. considers the customer the company’s main focus and bases its success on its customers’ trust thanks to personalised customer service, and the constant search for adhesive solutions (products and applications) that meet its customers’ needs, relying on innovation and sustainability.

Miarco S.L. has implemented an integrated management system for quality, environment and occupational risk prevention based on ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards, respectively.

The Management of Miarco S.L. is committed to:

  • Comply with its customers’ requirements, and with all legal and regulatory requirements that may be applicable or to which the company subscribes, especially those related to workers’ health and safety and environmental regulations
  • Set objectives for continuous improvement of the management system, in order to achieve better performance in quality, environment and health and safety
  • Provide the company with the resources, both human and technological, necessary to achieve the planned objectives and customer satisfaction
  • Train and inform employees to improve their skills and raise their awareness of the importance of quality, environmental protection and health and safety
  • Encourage worker consultation and participation, since safety is everyone's responsibility
  • Provide safe working conditions for the prevention of health hazards
  • Identify, evaluate and control risks to workers’ health and the environment, as well as risks to the integrated management system, and take actions to prevent or reduce them
  • Implement actions to prevent pollution, minimise or compensate the impact of its activity, products and packaging on the environment, as well as the exploitation of natural resources and its carbon footprint, setting objectives for continuous improvement

This integrated management system policy is disclosed to the organisation and made available to interested parties, serves as a guide for setting annual objectives and is subject to periodic review by Management.