RANGER has been MIARCO’s DIY brand for a long time. It was designed to complete MIARCO’s range of products by bringing the company’s expertise and experience in the professional and industrial sector to end consumers who are DIY enthusiasts.

Now it’s time for RANGER to become MIARCO BRICO, a product range which aims to position itself in the consumer’s mind as a reference brand that is always on hand to help out with their DIY projects.

MIARCO BRICO features over 200 items from a number of families including traditional hardware products such as duct tape, insulating tape and double-sided tape which are ideal for DIY jobs; a complete range of insulating draught excluders for doors and windows, including the customary P and E types and universal solutions; under door draught excluders and draught excluders for garage doors; and an extensive array of covering products from drop cloths to masking tapes. In addition, MIARCO BRICO also includes some classic MIARCO items such as padlocks, self-amalgamating tapes, and non-slip tapes.

MIARCO BRICO’s packaging retains its characteristic orange colour, albeit in a deeper hue, and the company has carefully studied how to present the information so that it grabs the user’s attention on the shelf and enables them to understand the product’s applications and how to use it at a glance.

In short, MIARCO BRICO comes to the market as the Valencia-based company’s most DIY-oriented product range to date and will occupy a prime place in hardware stores and large DIY retail outlets alike.