MIARCO celebrates its 50th anniversary in the adhesive solutions industry

MIARCO celebrates its 50Th anniversary in 2019.  The company is a family owned business based in Valencia and founded in 1969 by Mr. Miguel Arnedo Cortijo. It has become a specialist in manufacturing and distributing tapes and adhesive solutions in the industrial sector, as well as professional and DIY. Nowadays MIARCO is a benchmark in the sector due to its customer-oriented service and the quality of its products.

In these past five decades, major milestones have led the way in MIARCO with events like the opening of subsidiaries in China, Morocco and Portugal. In recent years, the company has participated via joint venture in the construction of a new manufacturing site in Gujarat (India). This plant started its production in the beginning of 2019, becoming the only company that manufactures masking tapes in India.

This anniversary takes place in the best moment for MIARCO. The company is well adapted to a constantly evolving market, offering tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of each client. During the last year, MIARCO has embraced an ambitious project to increase its warehouse size and improve its manufacturing capacity in the production site of Fuente del Jarro, Valencia. Thanks to this investment, the company now counts with a modern logistic centre, equipped with the most advanced technology.

In these 50 years, MIARCO has worked hard on the improvement of adhesive solutions, focusing on quality and R&D. The company has launched highly innovative products like the packaging range “Gama Azul”, more respectful with the environment, and the masking solution “Chicane Tape”, which has revolutionised such a traditional sector as car body shop repair.

In the international market, MIARCO has become a consolidated supplier, offering an excellent service in its three subsidiaries: Morocco, Portugal and Shanghai. Nowadays, the company’s products can be found in more than 30 countries worldwide.

MIARCO organisation comprises almost 200 talented employees that, along with the production capacity and the company’s innovation spirit, serve as a growth engine to become a better, more efficient and sustainable company. All the members of MIARCO are proud to belong to an organisation which, thanks to its passion for change and creativity, has been able to provide adhesive solutions which can help people in everyday life, whilst improving society and preserving the environment.

During 2019 under the motto ¨50 years with you” the company will organize different activities to commemorate this important milestone with its customers, suppliers and employees.