MIARCO’s Chicane masking tape targets international expansion 

MIARCO’s Chicane masking tape (www.chicanetape.com), which enjoyed a highly successful presentation at the last Motortec Madrid fair, is set to start its international expansion at the Paris Equip Auto trade fair in October.

Since its commercial launch, Chicane has completely revolutionised the vehicle masking process. This patented masking tape, which has adhesive on opposite sides and a reinforced section in the middle, saves time and materials in the masking process, and offers excellent results.

While continuing its consolidation in the domestic market as the best alternative to the traditional masking method, the time has come for Chicane masking tape to begin its expansion outside the Spanish market. The international launch is due to start at the Equip Auto fair, which takes place in Paris from 17th to 21st October. MIARCO will be taking part through ENOVCAR, a French company specialising in products for vehicle painting and bodywork.

MIARCO aims to continue to extend its international outreach with its Chicane masking tape over the next few months, thereby consolidating the company’s internationalisation policy. MIARCO currently has sales offices in Portugal and Morocco, as well as its own production plant in China.